Sir Walter Brisbane

Born and bred in Australia, Sir Walter Premium Lawn Grass from Twin View Turf is the best grass variety available for your lawn. If you love your lawn, you’ll love Sir Walter.

Sir Walter Brisbane

Gold Coast Turf

Sir Walter is a superior quality soft leaf buffalo grass that provides you with a brilliantly green, shade tolerant, low maintenance lawn that you will love.

At Twin View Turf we have been growing and supplying premium quality Sir Walter to Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs for over 8 years.

Find out all there is to know about this superb grass below.

Benefits of Sir Walter

100% Australian Turf

100% Australian

Sir Walter was designed in Australia, for the Australian climate, by an Australian. Sir Walter handles the rough Australian conditions with ease, thriving during blistering summers and keeping spectacular colour through chilly winters.

Drought Tolerant Turf

Drought Tolerant

Sir Walter Premium lawn grass was designed specifically to be drought tolerant, giving you the most water efficient lawn available. If you are concerned with conservation Sir Walter can help you out.

Full Sun and Shade Tolerant Turf

Full Sun and Shade Tolerant

While being the most shade tolerant Australian grass available, Sir Walter also thrives in areas that receive full sun. As long as it will receive more than 2-3 hours of sunlight each day Sir Walter will look spectacular no matter where you choose to put it.

Low Maintenance Turf

Low Maintenance

Combined with its drought and shade tolerance, Sir Walter gives you an extremely low maintenance lawn. Its strong root system and thick foliage only dominates weeds, it grows slower than couch varieties, meaning you spend less time on the mower.

Soft Texture Turf

Soft Texture

Not only are the leaves of Sir Walter softer and more supple than those of its competitors, Sir Walter boasts a springy softness that your kids will love to play on.

Self Repairing Turf

Self Reparing

Sir Walter has been developed to repair itself when damaged or abused. Any areas that have discoloured or been destroyed, will on their own re-establish. This means less time concentrating on fertilising and other repairs and more time enjoying your yard.

Sir Walter General Information

About Sir Walter

Sir Walter Grass

Sir Walter Premium Lawn Grass is the only choice if you are looking for the best turf available, in Brisbane or Australia. It is hard-wearing, soft, low maintenance, drought tolerant, and it has a spectacular green colour that it holds even through the chilliest Brisbane winters. Endorsed by television celebrity and garden guru Nigel Ruck, Sir Walter supplied by Twin View Turf is a grass favourite Australia wide.

Installing your Sir Walter

Sir Walter Lawn

We suggest Sir Walter is laid onto a prepared, levelled surface on top of 50-100mm of good quality topsoil, a sandy loam available from your local garden centre will be suitable. Once you have your new soil spread and flat, it is an ideal time to incorporate some extra nutrients and water crystals into your topsoil, apply Sir Turf Launcher at a rate of 30g per 100m² and rake it through gently. If you smooth your initial topsoil, you do not need to roll the turf after installation.

When you receive your turf, we recommend it is laid immediately. Starting from one edge, place it down in an alternating brickwork pattern. To carry the turf around either use a wheelbarrow, or fold it in half, and carry the slab close to your chest with one arm under the turf. Any irregular bits, or small areas can be cut in using a machete, cane knife, shovel or other cutting implement.

If all of that work does not sound like your thing, why not take advantage of our laying service, it is only $1.65 per m² ($220 Minimum). Our expert turf installers arrive on the day of your turf delivery, spread any required fertiliser, install your turf, cut-in those finniky edges and roll your lawn with expert precision.

Watering your Sir Walter

Sir Walter Turf

Once your Sir Walter has been laid, it is very important it is watered immediately, especially in the hot climate of Brisbane turf needs to be well watered during the establishment period.

We recommend the following watering schedule, please check with your local council to ensure you comply with appropriate water restrictions.


Watering Frequency

On the day Water immediately after installation.
1-7 days Water for 1 hour morning and evening.
7-14 Days Water for 1 hour morning or evening.

The establishment watering phase is very important, both to cool and hydrate your lawn, and to charge any water crystals you applied before installation.

If you have any questions about installation, or watering your turf, please contact us via phone, e-mail or use our enquiry form.

Recommended with Sir Walter

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